Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rigging Finally Complete!

It took longer than I thought but the rigs for Bang and Boom are finally complete!  I want to give a special thanks to Tiru for fitting in all the work he did on the body rig in between all his grad student work.  It turned out great.  For time saving purposes, I myself ended up doing the rig for the face.  So now that the rigs are complete, animation is a go.  Right now I'm shooting to finish animation by the end of May.  I'll definitely post some playbasts along the way.

While I'm animating, Wallace will be busy painting textures for the sets and Noah will be finishing off our other two characters for me to animate once they are done. 

Here are the rigs.


  1. Thanks a lot Vince. I'm pretty excited to start animating these guys.